Piggy Back Dota 2 Courier

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Hey, I have been working on a new courier for Dota 2! OK, so I have also spent nearly 200 hours playing dota 2 also… playing or watching the world championships anyway 😉

So the idea is that I would push the polygon and texture limitations with this guy, and as it turns out my limited animation knowledge to boot.

To add further complexity I decided to do all the animation and modelling in Max as opposed to Maya, which Valve have been using and recommend people use for making new content.

After herculean effort I have gotten the pipeline nailed and I am now half way through the animation process. I have fleshed out basic moves for all the regular anim set and have seen them working in game. Next I have to get the model working for the flying version and then create further animations for those… which I might have to enlist some help for.. I guess we’ll see.


Any way, I am loving the Dota 2 game and art style and encourage others to get involved with the great opportunity to expand upon the game and add new content.