Tim Appleby

Available for contact – bdimonkey(at)

Currently working as the Lead Character Artist for Splash Damage and I have been working in the games industry since 2002. My focus has always been working on games that involve interesting character art or simply character-heavy titles.

I currently oversee a small internal team and also works extensively with external developers to ensure that the high internal standards are matched in the outsourced work we require. I am responsible for the creation of content pipelines and pushing the visual standards with the art which we create.

After having worked for several years for Uk developers I decided to move to Canada and assumed the role of Senior Character Artist working on the first Mass Effect title. It was a fantastic experience as I was given the opportunity to get highly involved with the creation of the human and alien characters. Shortly after the title was complete I returned to the Uk taking up the role of Lead Character Artist to develop the character customisation in Brink.

This site is a blog that I use to some of the art I create in my spare time and hopefully I can get around to sharing my interests and thoughts on game development too.