I worked on Brink as the Lead Character Artist. I spent extensive time working on and collaboratively designing our customisation systems which include two distinct factions, multiple body types and weapon customisation.

Paul Greveson and I gave a presentation at GDC this year on how we managed to achieve our goals with a small art team. A limited version of the powerpoint that we used is available on the Splash Damage site;

I also collaborated on a presentation at the Bradford Animation Festival on the Art style of Brink. I spoke about the game alongside Laurel Austin who painted the fantastic character concepts for the game.

Finally I spoke on a Panel that was lead by Jon Jones, concerning art outsourcing at the Casual Connect conference in Hamburg. I referenced many of the practices that we used to develop Brink.


Hopefully I can get some art up here some time soon. I am really proud of what the character team acheived!